Zombies Population (add-on)

This is a extra Add-on Paid for the framework (PROJECT IS STANDBY)

The Zombie is just a add-on for this project, is not implemented for the framework and is working for the moment for smalls servers (max 30 players)

This is indeed an add-on available on Tebex, made by us, we are working to integrate this system fully on the framework with a kill counter, and RPG and survival immersion, fully available in roleplay as well as in survivalism, please note that this add-on is in no way necessary for your project, but it will be required to get zombies, the purchase allows to finance this project.

Preview Movie


1.7.0 in work in progress on tebex - CPU usage has been drastically reduced for clientside for players (reduce crash) - Reduction of npc free will animations - Removal of npc on horses or vehicles (deleteEntity) - Correction and optimization of the main loop - New option to define the time of the main loop - New option to disable city lights ... and more added here soon

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