This is a real performances from developper's (local pc and vps)
This is the main topic of this framework, the PERFORMANCE, the CPU usage does not exceed the 0.09 msec and +165 FPS in VSync On or +60FPS in VSync Off. Often the values run at 0.08msec and +130FPS, the fluidity is there, the heart of the framework runs with a single while of 1.5s! TxAdmin show ~=0.7ms serverside !
The strong point of the framework, you can link it to a website, interact with the data from a web panel, the framework is very fast, it uses less than 1% of loading time, and the big advantage you can restart all resources live without rebooting your server.
Captured 18/11/2022 (oxymysql is 40%/50% normaly)
Client side on 10/10/2022
take on 03/11/2022