Discord Sync API

Configure your Discord APP + Discord Server

The UNDEADCORE framework uses the Discord API to receive real-time player presence in rich presence on your Discord or on a third-party Discord.

It also allows you to detect the role used on your Discord server in addition to the game server, so you can link a specific role with your server (e.g. admin, VIP, member, police officer, etc.).

This feature also allows for granting special permissions in the game, as well as being able to speak in OOC with your Discord role tag!

Webhooks are also available to transmit real-time chat on your Discord.


    RoleList = { 
        {0,  "🤠^0Player |^0"},
        {1028727011985854525,  "⭕^1CoreTeam |^0"},
        {1041442964381126737,  "⭕^1CoreDev  |^0"},

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