Onesync & Txadmin

The Framework is made for OneSync Infinity and more + TXADMIN
The framework has been built to work with ONESYNC INFINITY (free and required) and is also 100% compatible with TXADMIN Manager (optional)
The current framework use Build RedM 1491 and latest version OxyMysql and Artifact CFX + TxAdmin latest (optional)
In the start server
-- Please run this argument to your server (enable onesync)
+set gamename rdr3 +set onesync on +set onesync_forceMigration true
-- Add in your cfg
sv_maxclients 48 -- free onesync key
set onesync on
-- Tips: ONESYNC INFINITY is free for all servers with 48 players max, if you need more, you need a patreon key from CFX
-- If you use OneSync with TXADMIN, dont need to add this line (TXAdmin manage this)
+set onesync on