Chat/Vocal & Discord

Chat Included and Discord Webhook and Roles Sync


Local and global chat, as well as roleplay commands like /me, /do, /ad, /ooc, /dice are fully integrated in the framework,
  • the chat global show, roleplay name, rank, level, and ID in global mode with cmd /global msg
  • the chat local show, roleplay name and message
  • The proximity chat are configurable in framework options
  • The price of AD are configurable in framework options
  • Staff Chat ready with /chatstaff


Discord is also integrated with the help of a bot, you will have your players synchronized to discord roles as well as additional information from them in game.
  • Discord need a bot with discord app
  • Configure your ranks with sync roles
  • Rework of creator Discord API fivem
  • Send a real time message from discord (option)


By default we have activated the in-game chat of RDO, however we recommend you to use a resource like pma-voice.