Framework FAQ

This is not a public access, this is a participate work with community

Why not free acces on github ?

Because the framework uses a system of API keys by Tebex in order to guarantee an active distribution in time of the updates to the users, the code as for him will be free of access, except 2 files allowing various bonds of API keys.

All updates are free ?

Absolutely, you have access to the source code of the project, as long as you don't grant it to yourself or harm the project which is powered by my own company as a fullstack developer in France. (

How much paid for use this Framework ?

A simple subscription by Tebex of 9.99€/month is requested as a participation in the development of the project and to support the work, which guarantees a constant development and new proposals, which will also pay for the development servers, discord and the website.

What will this service include?

All updates are free, maintenance of the code and new proposals for made a best experience for lot of users and developpers on RedM.

If I encounter bugs how does it work?

As said above, this is a project where you are free to participate, to report your bugs or to propose yourself in the future team, nevertheless we will not fix everyone's bugs, the subscription on tebex only allows to support (type patreon) the work and not 'to buy a service with a customer support', free to propose your ideas for future updates.

I am a Fivem/RedM developer, can I sell scripts in the future on Tebex with this framework?

Of course, RedM is an opensource project, you can create scripts around this framework, without any particular conditions, except offering quality content for our great community.

What are the advantages of the framework?

An exceptional speed, a framework optimized server side as client side less than 0.10ms with a vsync performance of 165FPS+ and 60FPS+ in non vsync, the whole framework is developed in LUA,NUI,OXYMYSQL no C# here, the framework uses 1 loop of 1.7s only, the associated scripts ready to use run at 0.00ms constament and onesync infinity and txadmin ready !
The framework uses a lot of /cmd commands instead of using X while very greedy which impacts 95% of RedM servers and causes desynchronization, not here.
The updates are followed by a professional team and developer of trade, the framework allows a use with a web panel and can be refresh in real time by website, it includes the essential scripts of skin, clothes, multicharacters, economy, jobs, etc...
Updates are free through the Tebex subscription above.
And lot of features coming soon on the Framework.... <3
All ressources in the framework accept the restart ressourcename without restart server !