Notify system is made in full lua and js (0.00msec)

How is working ?

source, title with html, text with html, position of notification, designClassCss, time to show for show illimity time use 0 for time

Server or Client side is same call function

Notify all players
exports.undead_core:notification(-1, '<b>TITLE</b>', 'TEXT', 'bottom_large', 'undeadcore', 2500)

Note : You need to define the source

Notify the source
exports.undead_core:notification(source, 'TITLE', 'TEXT', 'center_right', 'undeadcore', 3000)

Note : You need to define the target

Notify the target
exports.undead_core:notification(target, 'TITLE', 'TEXT', 'top_left', 'undeadcore', 1000)

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