Getting started Undead Core

RedM Framework (Roleplay, Semi-RP or RPG)

What is Undeadcore?

It is above all a framework usable for roleplay, semi-roleplay with an RPG base (levels, xp), developed by a single person to date, the goal of this framework is to obtain impressive performances. Created by developers Shepard#1395(FR) and helped by iiRedDev#4828(FR) with two real friends passionate about code, and developer on Tebex. The framework uses technologies that are easy to understand for novices, developed in: - lua, css, js, Bootstrap 5.x. - Oxymysql and the main natives of RedM with exports functions, no callbacks. - I have make my own system session similar to php session. - With bonus linking to connect your server to a server to a website in real time (php and codeigniter 4.x).
The framework has not yet been released to the public and is not available at this time, as it is still in development. (no date are planned for a release)